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  1. FIFA 14 (c) EA Sports
  3. Region.........: USA              Languages.....: English/Spanish
  4. Platform.......: PSP              Format........: .ISO
  5. Filename.......: pa-f14uspsn.     Size..........: 48 x 20 mb
  6. Disc Serial....: ULUS-10655       CRC32.........:
  8. Win glory as your favorite player or club across 9
  9. different game modes. The game features over 500
  10. officially licensed clubs, authentic players and kits, 50
  11. real-world tournaments, and gameplay that mirrors real-
  12. world football. Find spaces between defenders utilizing a
  13. true 360' Dribbling system and be more creative and
  14. dangerous in attack. Live the fantasy of playing as a
  15. professional player or manage one of the world's elite
  16. clubs in Career Mode. Begin your career as a player,
  17. player/manager or manager as you lead your club to
  18. victory and earn accomplishments in a deep and rewarding
  19. Career Mode. Plus, take control of any player in Be A Pro
  20. mode and experience a match from the player's on-field
  21. perspective. FIFA 14 Legacy Edition on the PSPT system
  22. delivers unmatched authenticity that reflects the current
  23. football season with updated kits and rosters but no
  24. updates to gameplay or game modes.
  26. Feel free to mail us if you have an undumped psp related stuff!
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